Memorable events are held in exceptional spaces. The Hawthorn is a valued place for events and gives an unlimited field of inspiration to even the most demanding guests. We can adapt our spaces according to your desires and expectations.

The Hawthorn offers the following:

● Elegant Venues: We offer a variety of enchanting spaces, from a grand ballroom to intimate gardens, providing versatile settings for wedding ceremonies and receptions.
● On-Site Support Staff: We have dedicated staff to provide assistance during the wedding day, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and addressing any unforeseen issues.
● Catering Services: In-house catering services present diverse menu options for rehearsal dinners, receptions, and other wedding-related events. Special dietary needs and custom menu creations are often accommodated.
● Audiovisual Support: We are equipped with audiovisual technology for speeches, slideshows, and music, enhancing the overall wedding experience.
● Bridal Suites: We offer a luxurious bridal suite for the bride, providing a comfortable and stylish space for pre-wedding preparations.
● Photography Opportunities: We boast picturesque landscapes and architectural features, providing stunning backdrops for wedding photos.
● Customizable Packages: We offer wedding packages that can be tailored to couples' preferences and budgets, streamlining the planning process.

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